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In the aftermath of the recent economic recession, automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers are facing a multitude of challenges.

With growing focus on small cars, hybrids, electric vehicles, common parts and platforms across vehicles, it is essential to:

  • Adapt quickly to the changing vehicle mix, shared platforms and product variants while understanding total cost / value implications across the value chain
  • Re-focus on engineering concepts, technologies, materials, and supporting business systems to be on the cutting edge and create right value and experience for customers in multiple dimensions such as comfort, convenience, safety, security, and fuel economy
  • Maximize customer opportunity across the relationship life cycle with offerings to enhance customer satisfaction, loyalty, and experience by warranty, after-sales service, telematics, and other value-added services

Today's engineering imperatives are to do more with less and accelerate time to market, minimize cost of product and investment, and differentiate with better and competitive products.

Value proposition

Infosys partners with automotive enterprises to systematically improve product development efficiency, ensure total product cost, and differentiate with better products. We help:

  • Reduce total development costs by 30 – 40 percent with a “factory” approach, focusing on continuous productivity improvement with frameworks, lean engineering methods, and a robust system to capture and reuse knowledge
  • Ensure total product cost by identifying design attributes, costs, and effect on vehicle interaction; using cost modeling to analyze cost drivers and alternatives across the engineering value chain, and by re-focusing on design and BOM through value analysis and engineering
  • Accelerate time to market using reference designs, knowledge base, modeling and simulation tools, and engineering frameworks built from working with top global automotive OEMs and suppliers on over 100 programs that help fast-track development

Services and solutions

Infosys offers a breadth of services in critical automotive domains across the product life cycle. To achieve engineering cost reduction, it is vital to have an engineering partner who not only has the capability but also a distinct approach that delivers value.

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