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Technology Adoption

Given the rapidly changing scenario in the technology landscape, companies constantly need to assess its relevance in achieving their business objectives. Infosys Engineering Consulting Practice (ECP) partners with our clients to identify, evaluate, and adopt proven technologies that can enhance an enterprise's ability to create new products / services, elevate its customer service and to create and sustain competitive differentiation.

We believe that engineering firms and enterprises need to take a holistic view of technology adoption that includes a well-defined technology strategy, encompassing governance, operations, and process. A well thought-out strategy will ensure business alignment and also enhance adoption within the enterprise.

Infosys Engineering Consulting Services brings a unique combination of business and technology view. Our detailed frameworks and reference models for next generation service launch, network migration, capacity assessment and planning, vendor evaluation, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), technology migration assessment, and ROI calculator, help improve predictability and de-risking of large scale technology investments.

Technology Adoption Services

Our focus areas include:

  • Next generation customer care
  • M2M-based smart services
  • Telematics and in-vehicle infotainment
  • Network roll out

Our consultants work with client business teams, technology teams, and relevant stakeholders to:

  • Envision the future state, desired business capabilities, and technology needs
  • Assess the current state of technology landscape and associated processes
  • Identify and analyze the gaps that need to be addressed to reach the future state
  • Create an actionable and pragmatic implementation roadmap
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