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Verification & Validation

Infosys has a large pool of Verification & Validation (V&V) engineers who provide high quality services to various industries. We have expertise in various tools useful for Verification & Validation in the Embedded Systems domain. We developed a robust Verification & Validation process within Infosys to reduce the testing time to a great extent. We have also demonstrated test automation capability to several of our clients by leveraging our expertise in IT and latest technologies, used across various industries. We are capable of offering Verification & Validation portfolios in any domain and platform as applicable. Our in-house experts have worked in various processes that comply with Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, and Industrial Automation standards.

In the Verification & Validation space, our offerings range from developing test scripts, to delivering system and performing test automation. We are also extensively involved in model-based testing and loop simulation for control modules. The test automation platforms built in-house provide huge cost savings to our clients.

Verification and Validation Solutions
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