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Elizabeth Ebert

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a seasoned business consultant and IT strategist with extensive experience advising C-suite clients and fostering long-term relationships to drive sales of enterprise-wide technology solutions and exceed revenue targets.

As a savvy manager, coach, and mentor with a track record of building cultures of inclusion, high performance, and trust, she creates environments where consultants are empowered to offer their unique perspectives to both internal and external clients.

As a talented executive and technologist, Elizabeth aligns innovative solutions with business objectives and translate complex technical concepts for stakeholders to drive delivery of tangible results, meet strategic metrics, and exceed client expectations.

Podcasts and Webinars

  • A Culture Of Curiosity And Flexibility | Avanade
  • Less than 10 percent of organizations flourish after an economic slowdown, according to Harvard Business School research. The path ahead won’t be linear, so organizations need to identify and prioritize actions that both optimize operational resilience and position them for future growth. Tony Hinkley, senior director for Avanade Advisory in the United Kingdom and Ireland, joins podcast host Elizabeth Ebert to discuss how organizations can build a culture of curiosity and flexibility to respond to whatever comes next.

  • Innovation: Building Resiliency To Differentiate and Respond | Avanade
  • The current global disruption is an opportunity to rethink how we do business. While operational efficiency must be a key priority, organizations also need to quickly effect change to build the innovation capacity to differentiate and open new markets. In this podcast, Lee Ayling, Avanade Advisory Lead for the United Kingdom and Ireland, joins podcast host Elizabeth Ebert to discuss how to build resilience so your organization is in a constant state of readiness to Respond, Reset, Renew.

  • Your Workforce: Emerging From the Pandemic | Avanade
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has forced changes in weeks that previously would have taken years. In this podcast, North America Workplace Advisory Lead Davi Bryan and podcast host Elizabeth Ebert share insights on the most pressing workplace challenges organizations are facing at this time and how we can expect ways of working to change as we emerge from the current global disruption.

  • How To Drive Business Outcomes With AI | Avanade
  • There is a lot of hype about artificial intelligence (AI), but what is it and how are enterprises using it to drive business outcomes? In this podcast, host Elizabeth Ebert and North America Advisory Lead Rob Asen address some of the concerns about automation and explains how enterprises can embrace AI to drive business outcomes faster and become future-ready.

  • Innovation Made Real | Avanade
  • Innovation is essential for organizations to remain competitive, but how do you make smart bets on how to invest? Is it better for a company to be a first mover or fast follower? And when innovations show results, how do you scale them across the organization? In this podcast,. Host Elizabeth Ebert and Avanade Advisory Executive Peter Rivera share guidance on how to drive business value from innovation. Get great tips on how to build a learning culture at your organization and derive ROI from innovation strategies.

  • Acting Fast To New Retail Priorities | Avanade
  • Major disruptions are becoming more the norm than the exception. In a consumer-based economy like ours, that means retailers will need to react fast to keep or regain their footing. How things worked before won’t work going forward. Watch our latest video webinar hosted by Elizabeth Ebert for a focused discussion on the need for retailers and brands to recognize and adopt new processes and technologies to honor what customers value and what successful associates require.

  • The Future of the Retail Industry | Avanade
  • Will the move to online continue at the same frenetic pace as in 2020? What do brick and mortar stores need to do to lure customers back in? What sorts of services should retailers provide to generate retail excitement? Our panel will discuss how they see omnichannel, the intelligent store, employee empowerment, personalization, customer segmentation and brand loyalty working in today’s transformational retail environment.. Three of our retail experts talk about what’s next for retail

Past Experience

Executive, Global and NA IT Advisory Practice 2017-2021


Northwestern University – Kellogg Graduate School of Management

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