Practical Sustainability: Creating Smart and Resilient Cities with Gordon Feller

January 05, 2022

Gordon Feller, Board Member at Alliance for Innovation discusses solving civic problems with smart solutions. The discussion also covers what key problems cities are facing today.

Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

“Biggest challenge facing cities is the mismatch between the public demand and expectation for quality of service.”

“Cities have the burden of meeting the expectation. And that revolution of rising expectations hasn't been matched by a revolution of rising quality of service delivery from the city governments.”

“What we need is a deeper kind of listening that is focused on understanding what are the values that people want to achieve when they buy that product.”

“Public policy and public investment hugely impacts everything.”

- Gordon Feller


Show Notes

  • 00:08

    Jeff introduces himself and Gordon

  • 00:57

    It seems that your work centers on solving civic problems with smart solutions. What are some of the key problems facing cities today?

  • 03:00

    As you look at these gaps, what is the most important thing that is being overlooked right now, that either business leaders, government leaders can focus on and make some real progress?

  • 05:46

    What are some emerging or maybe not so emerging technologies that are impacting cities or maybe providing them tools around the world today?

  • 10:36

    What are three things that that business leaders can look at from their vantage point on how they can improve what's peripheral to their business, the same time increase the prosperity of their businesses themselves using some of these concepts you've discussed?

  • 16:10

    What resources do you recommend for others?

About Gordon Feller

Gordon Feller

Board Member at Alliance for Innovation

Gordon Feller has worked for more than four decades at the intersection of societal change and technology innovation. His aim has always been to accelerate the emergence of tools and systems that strengthen our communities and enhance their sustainability.

From 2010 to 2017, he served as Director of Urban Innovation at Cisco Systems HQ. He founded Meeting of the Minds in the 1990s, stitching together a global leadership network which is enabling urban transformation. Gordon was appointed by the Obama/Biden White House to serve on the US Federal Comm. established by The US Congress. He currently serves as a Global Fellow at the Smithsonian Institution’s Environmental Change and Security Program in Washington, D.C. Gordon sits on numerous corporate and non-profit boards.

Gordon’s first published article appeared in a journal published by the World Policy Institute (NYC) in 1979. Since then he’s published 450+ magazine articles.

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