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  • Vishal Salvi on Data Breaches and Attacks on Remote Assets

    July 02, 2020
  • Vishal Salvi, SVP, CISO and Head of the Cyber Security Practice at Infosys, discusses data breaches and attacks on remote assets. The discussion covers existing cyberthreats, new tactics that criminals use in the COVID era, and how organizations can protect themselves against data breaches.

    Hosted by Yulia De Bari, Cybersecurity Lead and Podcast Producer for the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Implementing additional security tools is an important aspect of your cyberdefense, but more fundamental aspect of your cyberdefense is getting the basics right.”

    - Vishal Salvi


Show Notes

  • 00:26

    What are the cybercriminals after?

  • 02:03

    Which industries are most affected by the cyberattacks?

  • 03:09

    What are the most common cyberattacks?

  • 05:05

    Vishal talks about new emerging tactics that criminals use during COVID-19 crisis.

  • 06:45

    Vishal recommends how can companies adapt to this new environment and what practical steps they can consider when defending their systems against sophisticated cyberattacks.

  • 07:12

    Vishal talks about preventative and detective controls that can help companies to protect themselves against malware.

  • 12:37

    If a breach does occur, what should be the first steps and priority actions that the company must take?

  • 14:30

    Vishal shares some recommendations on business continuity and crisis management.

  • 12:37

    Vishal leaves the listeners with one major takeaway message from this discussion.

About Vishal Salvi

Vishal Salvi

Vishal Salvi is Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer and Head of the Cybersecurity Practice at Infosys. He is responsible for the overall information and cyber security strategy and its implementation across Infosys Group. He is additionally responsible for the Cyber Security Business Delivery, driving security strategy, delivery, business and operations enabling enterprises security and improving their overall posture.

Vishal has over 25+ years of industry experience in Cybersecurity and Information Technology across different Industries. Prior to joining Infosys, he has performed various leadership roles in Cybersecurity and Information Technology at PwC (Partner Cyber – 2 years), HDFC Bank (SVP & CISO - 8 years), Standard Chartered Bank (SVP & Head Cyber Ops – 11 years), Global Trust Bank (IT Ops), Development Credit Bank (IT Ops) and Crompton Greaves (IT Sales).