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Destination next for travel and hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry has always been and still is an early adopter of technological innovations. However, the changing business scenario and dynamic customer preferences are giving rise to challenges that call for a new strategy – one that simultaneously renews existing systems and processes. In order to thrive in today’s dynamic marketplace, travel and hospitality companies must leverage ‘renew-new’ opportunities wisely.

Travel companies need to move fast to stay on top of changing customer expectations, cost pressures and disruptive forces at play. While there’s been good progress in the areas of mobility and social media in the industry, there is room for adopting new technologies like automation, artificial intelligence, big data, and analytics to deliver a distinctive, personalized customer experience to the millennial generation.

Efficiency is another key priority, and travel enterprises have been quite effective at reducing distribution costs by eliminating middlemen, such as travel agents, especially in the delivery of commoditized services, which are now sold directly to customers online. They can further renew cost and process efficiency efforts by minimizing middle processes such as ticketing and voucher generation.

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Mitrankur Majumdar

Mitrankur (Mit) Majumdar
Vice President and Regional Head—Services, Americas, Infosys

Mitrankur MajumdarMitrankur (Mit) Majumdar is a strategic business leader, specializing in executing business transformation through IT and processes. At Infosys, Mit plays an important role in positioning Infosys as a global systems integrator across information services, publishing, professional services, education, internet technologies and travel and hospitality practices. With over 20 years of experience in consulting and outsourcing, Mit has extensive experience in incubating and developing market share in media and communications, telecom, wireless, cable and satellite industry segments. He has been instrumental in growing the cable portfolio as a significantly larger practice within Infosys.

Mit holds a bachelor of engineering degree in electronics and telecommunication and an MBA from McCombs Schools of Business, University of Texas.

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