Industry Offerings

How we deliver value to the Communications industry

Today, the Infosys Communications practice leads the way in big-ticket programs for communication services providers (CSPs) across spectra — whether it's focusing on cost improvements, developing business models for new markets, or deploying new technologies like 4G and cloud. We partner with CSPs and offer them sourcing and managed services options, adding measurable business value at every turn of their growth journey.

Our approach is driven by a significant focus on communications domain consulting and a proprietary Value Realization Model (VRM™) that helps make business benefits visible to our clients. Backed by our telecommunications package solutions, end-to-end architectural skills development, and an ecosystem of alliance partners, we are equipped with the bandwidth to help 'rewire' the enterprise.

We help clients realize their vision of technology being a business enabler, with our expertise in areas where IT-led innovation truly pays off. We develop new product and service offerings with our clients through our centers of excellence (CoEs) and co-creation partnerships, effecting rapid rollouts of monetization opportunities.

An exciting service in our portfolio is Flypp, a white-labeled mobile application platform, which leverages a partnership-based business model to monetize applications. We have developed inventive solutions like Infosys Care, iFutureTV, Infosys Sales Effectiveness Centre of Excellence (ISEC), and Field Force Optimization Suite, which deliver varied benefits such as accelerated time-to-market, enabling ready-to-launch applications, as well as reduction in operational risk and overhead.

Our expertise is unique in that it addresses a complex need — supporting new business models and evolving network technology while maintaining cost efficiency and business agility, with programs for modernizing business support systems (BSS) and operational support systems (OSS) capabilities.

With over 20 years of experience across all business areas in the CSP domain, we bring practical, real-world insights into the implementation of leading industry frameworks. Infosys is a member of the TM Forum, a global industry association focused on simplifying the complexity of running a service provider's business. Our alliances with leading ISVs place us on the leading edge to create cutting-edge solutions.

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