Success Stories

Powering the world of Retail & CPG enterprises with Digital Technologies and Experiences

We work with digital-savvy, omni-channel retail customers to address the challenges of a hyper-connected world. Some of the key areas we focus on...


Kellogg’s new intranet portal makes collaboration “G-r-r-eat!”

This case study explains how Infosys helped Kellogg design their collaboration platform and facilitate the cultural changes required to maximize its impact and value. Infosys experts enabled Kellogg to achieve some...


ShoppingTrip360 caselets

Across the globe, Infosys ShoppingTrip360 is being implemented by retailers and consumer goods brands to derive exceptional insights by measuring shopper and merchandizing activities. The retail...


IT process standardization for a European retailer

A European retailer wanted to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of applications, standardize IT processes and ensure its projects were delivered within the budget. Infosys charted an improvement road map...

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