Start small and start right is the key to enterprise AI success

Source: | February 25, 2021

Artificial intelligence-driven organizations will dominate in a post-Covid world. AI can transform the operations of a CPG enterprise and make it more efficient. For instance, AI can help a CPG business make decisions on its next product or packaging, based on data. AI also helps the company streamline its supply chain and personalize the online shopping experience.

Amitabh Mudaliar, VP and Region Head, Retail, CPG, Logistics, Infosys, discusses success factors for implementing AI projects.

Successful implementation

The first requirement is to identify the appropriate AI technique and relevant data.

The next imperative is a robust data pipeline along with appropriate predictive analytics models and algorithms.

Another important requirement for a successful AI project is talent. A smart enterprise needs a qualified team with skills in data, modeling, and AI programming.

Explainability of AI algorithms and models to be incorporated in the existing AI infrastructure is also equally important.

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