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Learning helps you compete in a knowledge economy

Infosys provides learning services to address the enterprise needs of customers. Our practice capitalizes on the robust capabilities of Infosys in knowledge management, and combines traditional learning approaches with new models and technologies.

InStep: The learning institution within an IT services company

Infosys operates the largest corporate 'technical university' in Asia training 30,000 new recruits every year. 'InStep,’ our global internship program inducts undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students from top global academic institutions.

The Infosys Leadership Institute trains executives and grooms managers through instructor-led training programs and e-learning programs. In addition, the Infosys Campus Connect program, engages engineering institutions across India to align their curriculum with the requirements of industry.

Our Learning Services practice provides comprehensive learning solutions that enable:

  • Managed knowledge transfer: Reduces people and team knowledge asymmetries by capturing, retaining, leveraging knowledge, creating sustainable knowledge repositories, and sharing processes.
  • Global learning enterprises: Converts learning organizations, such as corporate universities, to meet the needs of a global talent pool and improve knowledge worker effectiveness.
  • Process adoption and sustainability: Drives optimal end-user adoption and sustainability, effectively minimizing the risk of failure and increased change stickiness.
  • Sales effectiveness: Reduces the gap between corporate strategy and sales execution by getting new sales messages out to the field force effectively.
  • Knowledge work in the flat world: Helps customers address globalization and virtualization of work by creating the underlying technology, content, and processes.
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