In this podcast series with COSN (Consortium for School Networking) speakers
highlight how cybersecurity risks have changed the landscape of K12

Episode 2

School districts' use of digitization has expanded dramatically over the past decade, and there are a host of challenges that technology and education practitioners need to be aware of. Our guests discuss the expansion of more developed operational and learning management systems in schools and strategies for successful implementation and change management.


Democratizing Cyber Security

Transparency in the digitized system, change management strategy, ongoing scaling to combat cyber threats, and much more. Engage further in the discussion on Twitter. Follow: @Infosys, @CoSN, @edCircuit.
The Digitalization of Waste Management for Circular Economy
Mitrankur Majumdar

Shahryar Khazei

Ex-Chief Information Officer of Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

Lenny Schad

Vishal Salvi

Chief Information Security Officer and Cyber Practice head, Infosys

About COSN

COSN (Consortium for School Networking) is an internationally recognized premiere professional association dedicated exclusively to serving and supporting education technology leaders. It has more than 7,000 edtech professionals in over 1,000 member institutions and 31 state chapters. CoSN’s resources support the entire IT team in a school system/district and provides opportunities for companies that support the K12 edtech community to participate as corporate members.

Globally, 56% of K-12 schools report being hit by an attack, Phishing being the largest.

Researchers found that 30% of K-12 school districts have no cloud security platform.

Only 54% school districts are monitoring cyberattacks in real time.

Ransomware attacks have caused 285 days of downtime and 1,992 days of recovery time in 2021.

Financial loss due to penalty/recovery/compensation of loss.

Reputational damage to institutes.

Intellectual Property/Patents or confidential research of the school.

Personal information of students and staff.

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Shahryar Khazei

Scott Gilhousen

Chief Information Technology Officer, Houston Independent School District (HISD)

Vishal Salvi

Mayank Agarwal

Head North America, Infosys CyberSecurity

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