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IT Application Portfolio Analysis Solutions

Infosys' Application Portfolio Analysis (APA) solution rationalizes and optimizes the IT application portfolio, improves governance, business-IT alignment and returns on IT spends. It is supported by a customizable tool that facilitates analysis and reporting on multiple parameters such as cost, risk, skill availability, strategy, documentation, complexity and business criticality.

APA is easy to deploy as it leverages a repository of hypotheses, metrics and benchmarks from our experience in managing application portfolios. It includes a 'management dashboard' enabling various stakeholders to monitor key performance indicators such as total cost of ownership, risk, cost metrics and application performance.

Infosys Advantage

  • Our solution is an expedited methodology that utilizes the customizable APA Workbench tool. Based on a hypothesis-driven approach, it identifies rationalization opportunities and recommends strategies to optimize the application portfolio. It leverages our vast experience in portfolio analysis, ensuring:
    1. Rapid deployment and execution
    2. Lower time allocation on your resources during assessment
    3. Flexibility and customization to suit your specific context
  • The solution establishes mechanisms for ongoing governance of the portfolio, using a 'dashboard' that displays up-to-date custom metrics that can be pre-defined. It enables timely detection of undesirable deviations and triggers corrective action
  • The tool is a robust asset to choose applications to be offshored. However, it’s not limited to offshoring. The broad framework analyzes options (from enhancing applications in-house to outsourcing application development) and provides choices that deliver maximum impact
  • The solution raises issues related to the supporting organization, processes and infrastructure
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