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Evolving regulations such as Volker Rule, Dodd-Frank, Basel III, MiFiD, EBA Governance Guidelines, and FSB Principles have impacted investment banking in more ways than one. Although the scope and geographical relevance of these regulations might differ, all of them mandate the imposition of more stringent regulatory norms on financial institutions. These regulations further create a need for requirements such as enhanced reporting, putting constraints on structuring, clearing, and trading of derivatives.

To master these forces of change, it is critical to invest in highly scalable and easily integrated IT solutions for capital markets that can meet dynamic customer demands, security threats, regulatory changes, and emerging competition from alternative players.

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Infosys - Capital Market Management

How we made a difference?

Infosys team worked with a global investment bank to uplift their business process mapping and process optimization. The client was greatly benefited by the application optimization, process standardization, front to back view, and this also created a basis for their employee training.

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