Infosys & SunTec Offer Customer-centricity through Centralized Billing Services

Infosys & SunTec collaborate to provide Convergent Billing Solution to Global Clients Since 2007, Infosys and SunTec have been working together to provide Relationship-based Pricing and Centralized Billing solutions for global clients in the Banking and Capital Markets industry. The Infosys-SunTec relationship empowers banks with a unique competitive advantage through higher customer satisfaction, enhanced revenue streams and profitability. In addition, our partnership enables banks to plug revenue leakage and reduce operational costs. Built around SunTec's Transaction Business Management System, the combined customer-centric solutions and value-added services are engineered at Infosys' Product Competency Center (PCC). Our partnership ensures that global clients have a win-win solution, packaged with proven implementation of central billing systems and support methodology.

About SunTec

SunTec is a leading provider of Relationship-based Pricing and Centralized Billing solutions for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI). The company provides Convergent Transaction Pricing and Billing solutions for Communication, Media and Entertainment (CME) and Advanced Meter-Data Management and Billing solutions for Utilities. Transaction Business Management System (TBMS), SunTec's core pricing and billing product, addresses the pricing and billing requirements of any transaction-based vertical. Operating within its overall product architectural vision, SunTec leverages its decade-long experience and expertise in transaction pricing and billing across verticals to deliver cost-effective solutions.

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Relationship-based Pricing and Convergent Billing

Infosys partners with SunTec to introduce best-in-class products, services and best practices for relationship-based pricing and central billing services. Our partnership leverages the expertise and best practices from both companies for optimal solutions.

Our Relationship-based Pricing and Convergent Billing solutions enable banks to realize several benefits:

  • TWIST Bank Services Billing Standards compliance - TWIST standards enable effective straight-through processing of all financial processes irrespective of the mode of transactions, service providers and the system infrastructure
  • Easy rollout for competitive and personalized products
  • Quick response to market changes
  • SunTec TBMS-F is based on an N-tier architecture, runs on a variety of Unix flavors, including Linux and Windows NT, and utilizes an Oracle database
  • Minimal effort in product installation, configuration and maintenance
  • SunTec TBMS-F system uses several standard APIs and supports SOA and web services, creating an open architecture for integration with external systems
High operation costsSingle enterprise-wide pricing and billing solution
  • Reduced cost, effort and time of billing process
  • Faster time-to-market across all lines of business
Customer retention
  • Cuts through product silos and enables centralized pricing
  • New products and prices can be easily configured and deployed
  • Enables customer-centric strategy
  • Increased customer acquisitions and retention
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
Revenue leakage from system inefficienciesSuspense processing, data reconciliations, backtracking, maker-checker facility, re-pricing, re-invoicing and proactive monitoring through dashboardsCentralized dynamic pricing and convergent billing plug revenue leakage

Offerings: Enterprise-wide relationship-based pricing and billing

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