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Consumer Engagement

Aetna streamlines communications and improves speed-to-market with Infosys and HP Exstream solution

Aetna's document processing, composition, and fulfillment process was a spider web of legacy systems that required a tremendous amount of manual...

Electronic Health Records for the UK Government

A department of the UK Government which operates hospitals and clinics wanted a proof of concept for its Electronic Health Records project. The department partnered with Infosys to develop a modern healthcare system to be implemented nationwide.

Infosys Enables Health Insurer To Engage Patients in Their Healthcare Through Personal Health Record Model

A health management company sought the active participation of patients in their healthcare through a Personal Health Record (PHR) model. Infosys devised an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR) and PHR program to enable membership loyalty...

Infosys’ Integration and Collaboration Solution Helps Mercy Health Plans Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Mercy Health Plans (MHP), a full-service health management company, partnered with Infosys to enhance customer service. We customized our Integration and Collaboration solution to enable customer contact representatives of MHP retrieve customer information and provide better service....

Portal Strategy and Technology Architecture Enhancement for a Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM)

A Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) sought a cost-effective portal strategy for increased web adoption, improved rate of drug switching of consumers, and an enhanced customer experience. Infosys devised a robust portal strategy aligned...

Healthcare Reform and Mandates

Infosys Helps Molina accelerate Time-to-Market of Government sponsored Health Plan for Puerto Rico

Molina Healthcare Inc., a leading, managed-care organization based in US, partnered with Infosys to launch a health plan in Puerto Rico, within ...

A Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan: ICD-10 Mapping Simplification and Business Rule Transition with Infosys iTransform™ Product

This case study demonstrates how Blue Cross Blue Shield Plan (part of a family of companies that finances and delivers healthcare services) engaged...

National Health Plan: Enterprise Strategy Formulation and PMO Setup for ICD-10 Testing

The client, a leading U.S. healthcare company, engaged Infosys Public Services to define a comprehensive strategy for enterprise-wide ICD-10 testing and balanced...

Infosys - Aetna's Trusted IT Partner for more than a Decade

Infosys has played a significant role in Aetna's journey during the last couple of years. As a strategic partner to Aetna, Infosys provides a wide range of services ranging from business consulting, application development, validation...

Insights-Driven Enterprise

Delivering a financially secure ICD-10 transformation

This case study demonstrates how Infosys Public Services helped the client with a much needed comprehensive data analytics solution for monitoring and assessing...

JFK Health System readies for ICD-10 transition with help from Infosys Public Services

In the face of a federal mandate to convert to the updated medical classification standard, the ICD-10, by October 1, 2014, JFK engaged Infosys to assess...

Operations and Cost Optimization

Infosys BPO partners with a Large Blue Cross Blue Shield Organization to Improve Efficiencies and Cost Savings in its Provider File Management Process

Infosys BPO helped a large Blue Cross Blue Shield organization to improve their provider data maintenance process and achieve significant improvement in efficiency, productivity and cost-saving.

Long Term Care Partners Modernizes Core Systems to Optimize Operations and Support Growth

Long Term Care Partners (LTCP), one of the largest federal long-term care administrators, wanted to modernize its core administrative system to ensure delivery of best-in-class services while...

Developing an Enterprise Data Warehouse for a Commercial Health Benefits Company

A commercial health benefits company in the U.S. was plagued with multiple disparate operational systems and warehouses. To reduce its administrative costs and improve operational efficiency, the...

Data Warehousing for a Health Benefits Company

A healthcare benefits company with a diverse mix of managed care products partnered with Infosys to implement a scalable architecture for mining its vast database.

Establishing a Testing Center of Excellence for a Commercial Health Benefits Company

One of the largest commercial health benefits company in the United States was challenged by an ineffective testing mechanism, frequent changes in requirements and a prolonged testing cycle. Infosys established a Testing Center of Excellence (COE)...

Healthcare Major Accelerates Time-to-Market by 9 months using Service-Oriented Architecture

Faced with a portfolio of incompatible legacy systems that hindered its ability to compete, a healthcare major embarked on a multi-year business transformation program to attain market leadership. Infosys partnered with the client to define and implement an SOA framework ...

Leveraging Service-Oriented Architecture for Competitive Advantage

QCSI, a provider of technology and services to automate claims adjudication and settlement processes, sought to migrate its Visual Basic-based tiered architecture. Infosys migrated its application to a service-oriented architecture based on Microsoft.Net, ensuring faster time-to-market.

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