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The ICD-10 Trading Partner Community – Why trust matters

In an article published at, our expert emphasizes the need for a meaningful and collaborative full trading partner strategy that must establish a definition of ICD-10 readiness. This will help ensure an industry-wide ICD-10 compliance. The strategy will be unique in that it will guide how the trading community makes decisions about mapping standards and payer clinical editing standards and criteria, says the author, a healthcare expert focused on compliance issues. Such standards and criteria must be aligned with providers’ programs for clinical documentation as well as with the metrics commonly used (prior to testing) to measure and evaluate ICD-10 compliance.


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Author Profile

Ellen VanBuskirk, Senior Principal - Business Consulting, Infosys Public Services

Ellen VanBuskirk is a healthcare consultant in the area of compliance strategies and health plan regulation. She has more than 20 years of success in leading business teams and identifying emerging opportunities and challenges in the healthcare industry.

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