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Changing role of IT in Healthcare

Consumerism, rapid advancement in technology with a higher focus from solution and platform providers, shift from pay for service to pay for performance and rising medical costs — all these are leading to an increasing role of information technology in this transformation journey of healthcare corporations. In this video, Sanjay Dalwani, Vice President, Healthcare, Infosys, talks about emerging trends in the US healthcare industry and the changing role of information technology. He talks about how Infosys is working with clients to rethink their core processes, systems, and technologies and at the same time, and peg on innovation. Sharing his insights on how customer centricity is increasingly gaining focus, he says healthcare companies are now open to developing a cloud strategy to become more consumer-centric. Further, he also discusses how organizations can leverage cognitive systems for reducing costs and delivering transformative solutions and further highlights the emerging importance of newer disruptive technologies such as blockchain. Lastly, he shares how Infosys is beefing up its solutions to meet these increasing needs and technology requirements of its clients.


AI platform to transform Health Care


Leveraging cognitive systems

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