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Early views into automation and AI adoption in life sciences and healthcare today

The healthcare and life sciences landscape is changing exponentially, and the growth of new data is overwhelming organizations — big or small. They are constantly on a lookout on how to meritoriously consume, use, and manage this data. There is no doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology has exploded the stage in the last few years. Though the life sciences and healthcare industry have been slow in responding to this change — owing to concerns over regulatory noncompliance and patient safety — the fact remains that AI promises novel competencies for the industry. Despite the slow adoption, AI is starting to show its impact in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

Infosys Nia — a knowledge-based AI platform — delivers a full spectrum of AI capabilities; including advanced analytics, optical character recognition (OCR), natural language processing, machine learning, knowledge management, and automation. These capabilities will help drive AI adoption in a robust manner. Nia provides organizations with a comprehensive suite of AI capabilities that have a single point of entry to AI with clear near-term deliverables, extensibility, and the potential to grow as the organizational acceptance of AI grows.

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