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Is social media a tool for ICD-10 transition?

We know that communication will be the lynchpin for the success of ICD-10 transition in October 2014 as information system integration, testing, training, business process redesign, and change management are interdependent.

Without a two-way line of communication, the transition to ICD10-10 will struggle to achieve a successful outcome. Hence, there is a dire need for a structured approach, in training and sharing knowledge, to successfully manage the transition. This article discusses the need for a strategy to educate healthcare stakeholders on what ICD-10 will mean to them and changes they will see post transition.


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Author Profile

Ellen VanBuskirk

Ellen VanBuskirk, Senior Principal, Business Consulting, Infosys Public Services

Ellen VanBuskirk is a healthcare consultant focused on compliance strategies. She works across the healthcare value stream to meet regulatory challenges. She has more than 20 years of success in leading business teams and identifying emerging opportunities and challenges in the healthcare industry. VanBuskirk brings deep expertise in health plan regulatory and compliance initiatives.

She can be reached at

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