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ICD-10 transition: Why laggards are a threat to industry-wide compliance

Individuals fitting the 'laggard' description often are the last to adopt innovation and typically shy away from change. They tend to focus on more long-established ways of doing business. Laggards often will not move in the direction of change until many others have accepted the change. They also look for clearly demonstrated value and, more often than not, face financial and resource constraints as well. All of these prevent 'laggards' from embracing and or implementing regulatory changes, including ICD-10 transition. The perspective talks about how late adopters of ICD-10 transition represent a serious threat to industry-wide compliance as of October 2014.


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Author profile

Ellen VanBuskirk

Ellen VanBuskirk, Senior Principal – Business Consulting, Infosys Public Services

Ellen VanBuskirk is a healthcare consultant focused on compliance strategies. VanBuskirk has spent more than 20 years successfully leading business teams and identifying emerging opportunities and challenges in the healthcare industry. She brings deep expertise in regulatory and compliance initiatives around health plans.

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