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TriZetto's Facets™ provides enterprise-wide and functionally-rich payer platform solutions that meet requirements of the transformative healthcare business environment. These platforms not only provide health plans that are capable of performing core administrative tasks of everyday, but also position organizations for tomorrow’s success. We focus on creating expertise and delivering services with disruptive solutions and accelerators around Facets systems.

Infosys Service Offerings on the Facets platform

Infosys Service Offerings on the Facets platform 

Managed Operations for Facets-based Systems

Infosys’ Active Service Model (ASM) for Facets is a comprehensive and holistic managed operations offering that provides reactive and proactive support for IT applications across core and custom applications.

Facets Test Factory Offerings

Infosys Facets Test Factory Services are aimed at increasing return-on-investments by reducing manual testing and increasing automation. It is based on the following guiding principles:

  • Test case reusability
  • Test script reusability
  • Automated test data generation
  • Test data reusability
  • Test case to business process traceability
  • Test case to requirements process traceability

Facets Integration Services Offerings

Through this service offering, we aim to reduce implementation timelines and operational costs by delivering best-practices and solutions around integrations. With our eight-point critical success factor approach and a proven implementation methodology, Infosys has success stories across various health plans on custom solutions and surround system integration on Facets

Value Proposition

Value Proposition

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