Infosys iTransform™ – for ICD-10 Transition

Fast-track compliance and ensure neutrality with integrated ICD-10 product suite and services

The new regulatory timeline for ICD-10 compliance (by October 2014) has provided breathing room for healthcare payers and providers. However, realizing that the transition to ICD-10 spans departments across the organization, healthcare payers and providers should use this time to adopt best practices and implement a solution that aligns with long-term technology and business strategies.

Our offering

Infosys iTransform™ product suite

Infosys Public Services - ICD-10 Transition Services - iTransform Product Suite

Infosys iTransform is an integrated product suite with modular product components to support the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. The suite provides healthcare organizations choice and flexibility to meet distinct ICD-10 compliance requirements. The product suite accelerates transition in a cost-effective manner, while ensuring revenue and clinical neutrality.

Coupled with rich ICD-10 consulting, implementation and support services, Infosys iTransform helps healthcare organizations (payers and providers) successfully manage the entire transition lifecycle.

Infosys Public Services - ICD-10 Migration Services

Infosys ICD-10 migration services

Infosys ICD-10 migration services leverage our deep domain expertise, technology capabilities and the iTransform product to define a phased migration approach. Such an approach addresses interdependencies to align different initiatives, streamlines transition, and accelerates overall remediation.


The Infosys advantage

Infosys iTransform has found validation from industry federations – for instance, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) has selected Infosys iTransform™ product suite to be part of a national purchasing arrangement for ICD-10 transition.

  • End-to-end offering – to seamlessly manage the entire ICD-10 transition from assessment to testing and support
  • Ensure successful transition – with ICD-10 consulting, clinical, analytical, testing, training and BPO services
  • Highly customizable components – work in isolation and in tandem, targeting specific business needs out-of-box to address most common ICD-10 program requirements
  • Significant automation – provides up to 50% reduction in effort, cost and risk / rework, accelerating overall transition
  • Ensures neutrality – minimizing revenue impact and cash-flow risks
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Case study

BCBS plan – ICD-10 mapping simplification and business rules transition with Infosys iTransform™ product suite


Infosys iTransform™ for ICD-10 Transition