Today, health insurance information includes both health data and financial data such as claim amounts and credit card information. Data theft can have a devastating impact on customers. Financial data breach can cost millions in lawsuits, fines and customer loyalty. Recent data breaches and increased enforcement of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy and security regulations have made healthcare organizations more vigilant on data security. Also, with an increase in electronic data capture, data-mining, outsourcing, and offshoring, protecting sensitive patient health information in non-production environments is the top-most priority for healthcare organizations. Therefore, healthcare organizations are looking for data-masking solutions to create and protect live data.

Infosys' MaskIT software is a simple and easy-to-use data-masking solution that prevents misuse or leak of data. Live facts are replaced with scrambled data, wherein privacy of data is maintained without actually releasing it to the testing and development environment. Using MaskIT, data masking is made relatively faster and easier. It can connect to heterogeneous data sources - RDBMS, different forms of files, middlewares, and application servers - and it allows users create their own rules.

Users can also save the rules and implement them later. It also ensures compliance with privacy rules and can connect to remote server instances. In addition, based on the IP address, data masking can be done ensuring that sensitive data isn't revealed during production-support activities. This solution has been successfully implemented at leading international banks for testing different applications across Line of Business. It also helps leading healthcare payers protect their data privacy during testing, application development, maintenance and production-support related activities.

Infosys' Advantage

  • MaskIT cuts down cost by 25% over a customized data-masking application
  • Faster time-to-market when compared to any other customized data-masking solution as MaskIT is an existing solution
  • Enhances client confidence
  • Helps organizations adhere to the legal and regulatory compliances
  • Maintains referential integrity of the data after masking
  • Cost-effective as it reduces the risks of offshore testing and production support related activities
  • Increases protection against data theft
  • Allows users to create rules for masking
  • Multiple masking algorithms are used
  • Look and feel of the data is retained even after masking