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The future of healthcare is connected, cognitive and collaborative. It's also more flexible and more human. While technology plays a vital role, in the right hands, it can do so much more. We are changing the system with people at the core. And we will help you navigate every shift. As your partner, your guide, your network.


Vadiraj Guttal

Vadiraj Guttal talks about how helix will start your journey to become AI first

Madhu Venugopal

Madhu Venugopal talks about how we want to change the world with Helix

Anuj Parashar

Anuj Parashar talks about the how Helix is Empowering better care

Bhargava Hukunda

Bhargava Hukunda talks about Helix Plan Sponsor Engagement module

Augustine Herman

Augustine Herman talks about how Helix is a cloud native and people centric platform

Terri Hinds

Terri Hinds talks about Provider Lifecycle management


Awards and Recognitions

Helix CSR

From #Empoweringbettercare to Enabling Education for all

Infosys Helix recently adopted Adarsha Vidya Mandira, a school in rural India

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From #Empoweringbettercare to Enabling Education for all

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