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Six technology disruptions for enterprise IT

Enterprise IT has never witnessed such an intense demand for business value generation together with spend reduction and IT management. In addition to improving productivity and service levels, there is an increasing demand from stakeholders to deliver an agile digital enterprise, rapid innovation and flexible architecture than can keep pace with the rate of change in business.

We believe that six major technology disruptions are primarily driving this shift. These disruptions are causing shifts such as managing business assets instead of IT assets, and playing a strategic role instead of a support role in evolving newer business models.

Six Technology Disruptions Examples

About the Authors

Rajib Saha

Rajib Saha
Senior Principal – Business Consulting, Infosys

Rajib has more than 18 years of industry experience in operations and consulting. His current responsibilities span clients, service offerings, innovation, and world-class talents for growth. He is also responsible for next-generation ‘strategic insights’ market offerings built on a blend of consulting methods, market research, and statistical science.

Rajib’s expertise in diverse areas such as supply chain, sourcing and procurement, digital copy (software) value chain, analytics; and an in-depth understanding of technologies such as SAP and Oracle, comes from multiple business transformations that he has led for global OEMs. He also champions GDM consulting and value realization (VRM™) within Infosys.

Ajay Bailur

Ajay Bailur
Principal - Infosys Global Consulting

Ajay has over 13 years of experience as an industry practitioner and a management consultant. He is instrumental in the delivery of complex strategy and business transformation engagements for hi-tech and automotive clients. He brings with him a rich international experience of having worked for several firms across the Nordics, Asia-Pacific (APAC), the United Kingdom, and India.

Ajay’s primary role involves engaging with global clients’ business executives and IT teams to assess capability gaps in relation to business goals and charting out a roadmap to realize targeted business outcomes.

Subsequently, he is considered a driving force behind the development of solutions that involve people, processes, and system change elements. This experience of having served as a critical link between business and technology has served him well; it has helped him develop viewpoints around the changing role of IT – from a business enabler and support function to a business partner model.

Prior to this, Ajay worked in the Indian automotive industry, where he gained a rich experience in product development, sales, and business development.

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