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Cross-property integration and real-time CRM solution helps relaunch a leading gaming industry loyalty program

The client

The client is a large gaming conglomerate and has an award-winning loyalty program with the participation of over 35 million patrons. It has consistently achieved significantly higher cross-property play than its competitors through closed-loop CRM practices.

Business need

The client wanted to simplify and enhance its loyalty program. It wanted new features like visibility, control, transferability and patron inspiration to be added to the existing rewards program.

The solution

Infosys re-engineered the Casino Management System (CMS) to meet the client’s business objectives. It enabled the client to offer a simpler and more user-friendly solution to its members.

Infosys was involved in the design, development and integrated system testing and deployment of:

  • User interfaces (screens) used on casino floors to track play information, issues and redemption of points
  • Core business functions and rules behind the loyalty program to manage player tiers, provide better visibility to players on their reward credit balances, and enable players to control and transfer points
  • Intelligence reports to enable casino supervisors, floor managers and senior management in decision-making

By enhancing its loyalty program, the client has made the privileges and amenities even more attractive. This has helped drive cross-property and same-store volumes.

At the end of the corresponding financial year, the client’s loyalty program led the industry with over 40 million registered patrons. By tracking patron play across properties and rewarding them based on actual play, the client achieved higher loyalty levels in the competitive casino gaming market.

The success of the loyalty program has helped the client post significantly better results and growth than the gaming industry average. It has also retained leadership in cross-property play in 2004 – 2005, with over 12 percent of its customers playing across its properties.

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