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Flying times for airline frequent flyer programs

Frequent flyer programs (FFPs) are a lucrative source of ancillary revenues, and provide a competitive edge to airlines. FFPs rewards the...


Infosys Oracle Practice: Providing excellence in the hospitality domain

The hospitality industry is facing a host of challenges – guest profiling, need for real-time information, and a constant struggle to identify new revenue streams and enhance operational efficiencies. Infosys Oracle practice...


An integrated property and guest management system

Through a robust property management system (PMS) and a central reservation system (CRS), hotel guest lifecycle management becomes very cost-efficient. These technology-empowered systems, delivered...


IT cost reduction – "Doing more with less"

A downturn compels companies to examine their cost structures and cut costs. Since IT costs account for a higher percentage of the revenue, CIOs have to do more with less within shorter timeframes. Our experts...


The Connected Hospitality Enterprise

There is no industry that cannot leverage Information Technology to improve operational efficiencies, productivity and margins. The Hospitality Industry is no exception. IT and specialized IT services providers can convert hotels into Connected Hospitality...


Infosys' Virtual Concierge Solution

As attracting & retaining guests becomes increasingly difficult, hotels are trying to provide personalized services to differentiate themselves and maintain profitability. This paper illustrates how hotel chains can leverage their converged networks cost effectively...


Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) in the Hospitality and Gaming Sectors

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), a significant emerging technology, ensures cost savings and enhances productivity and responsiveness in the hospitality and gaming sectors. Accelerated deployment of VOIP can enable hotels and casinos to differentiate...


Future of Travel and Tourism Industry with the Adoption of Web Services in Electronic Distribution

The Internet has significantly enhanced the role of electronic distribution of travel inventory. Travel sites, GDS and online travel agents are actively participating in electronic distribution. Despite significant advantages such as streamlined front-end for travel...


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