Infosys Positioned as a Leader in 2021 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide B2B Commerce Services for Industrial Manufacturing

The COVID-19 pandemic made it apparent to organizations of all sizes and in every industry that they should be paying attention to digital commerce. Lockdowns, social distancing measures, and worldwide investments in digital transformation in 2020 elevated both consumer and business buyers’ expectations when buying products and services online.

IDC MarketScape evaluated service providers’ capabilities to support industrial manufacturers in executing their B2B digital commerce strategies, while also enabling B2B2C dealer networks. Infosys has been positioned as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide B2B Commerce Services for Industrial Manufacturing 2021 Vendor Assessment (Doc # EUR148242121, October 2021).

The IDC MarketScape report notes, “Infosys has invested significantly over the past several years to bolster its capabilities in helping industrial manufacturing clients in their B2B transformation initiatives. Investments related to its B2B commerce capabilities include acquisitions in digital customer experience (e.g., Blue Acorn iCi) and digital design studios (e.g., WONGDOODY) to deliver human-centric experiences as well as in consulting and implementation capabilities related to Salesforce (e.g., Fluido, Simplus)”.

Further, the report also noted, “Infosys has strategic partnerships with major relevant software providers in digital commerce such as SAP and Salesforce and prebuilt solutions for the B2B industrial manufacturing domain. Moreover, Infosys has relevant capabilities for other relevant digital commerce software providers such as Adobe/Magento, Oracle, commercetools, Elastic Path, and Shopify. It also markets its own solutions such as Infosys Equinox (B2B commerce-specific microservices) and Meridian (virtual showrooms).”

In its report, the IDC MarketScape notes the following strengths of Infosys:

  • Infosys has a comprehensive set of prebuilt solutions based on strategic partners as well as its own IP dedicated to the needs of the B2B industrial manufacturing domain.
  • A significant share of Infosys' project services business comes from projects with clients in industrial manufacturing, which accordingly plays into domain expertise for this industry.
  • Client reference interviews revealed that clients appreciate Infosys' flexibility and ability to scale and excellent feedback with regards to client relationship and account management. According to an Infosys client, "Because of the large number of people with relevant skill sets, they were able to bring relevant people on board fast, whenever there were changes or add-ons to the project scope on our side."

Read the IDC MarketScape report excerpt here