Brit Insurance and Infosys: A successful and long-term partnership

Brit Insurance is a market-leading, global, specialty insurer and reinsurer, focused on underwriting complex risks. In this video, Nigel Meyer, Chief Operating Officer of Brit Insurance, talks about the five-year partnership between his organization and Infosys. He believes that Infosys expertise in business and IT processing gives his organization the power to scale and make the best of new opportunities. Nigel emphasizes that Infosys capabilities propel Brit to maintain a market-leading position from an expense ratio perspective. As far as the future of the partnership is concerned, he believes that Infosys will further help Brit explore market leading technologies which will position the organization as a leader in the London insurance market. Last but not the least, he concludes by saying that Brit Insurance views this alliance as a long-term partnership and expresses his excitement about the possibilities that the future holds.