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Producer Enablement solution: Enhance agent productivity to drive revenue growth

Struggling to grow business? How do you drive greater revenue from your producers?

Intense competition. Sluggish economy. Changing customer needs. Today's insurance market is riddled with a slew of challenges that your company must overcome. Your producers – exclusive or independent agents / financial advisors – are valuable partners in this effort, given their role in the field understanding customer needs and competitive offerings.

Over time, you have built systems to support producers through the sales process. However, these are difficult to use, fail to integrate information for decision-making, and are mostly available only in offices. As a result, you have poor visibility into your sales pipeline and hear about an opportunity only when the policy application comes in.

Producer Enablement Solution

Striving to boost sales with incomplete data and a complex system, your producers struggle to offer a holistic customer experience and enable cross-sell opportunities. Your customers are dissatisfied and growth is lagging. You need a differentiated solution that helps you drive both producer and customer loyalty. How can you:

  • Drive revenues through producer loyalty, targeted marketing, and pipeline visibility?
  • Improve producer revenue productivity during the sales process?

What if you could provide better insights and engagement to help producers sell more?

Our solution empowers producers to generate sales and meet customer requirements, thus satisfying both parties. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our solution enables insurers to:

  • Generate accurate and consistent customer information and messaging – with 360o visibility, producers can increase sales and resolve issues
  • Leverage the strong social, mobile, and analytical capabilities of the CRM platform – producers need no longer miss out on opportunities
  • Manage stakeholder relationships in an integrated manner, ensuring transparency and operational ease – producers get all the sales support they need

Our innovative solution provides next-gen capabilities for improving producer sales performance

As producers are empowered with this innovative solution, the insurance company can utilize a range of features to improve sales performance.

  • Unified customer view – gain a 360o view of the customer by combining internal and external data sources.
  • Social network analytics and intelligence – improve prospecting based on an existing customer’s network on social media and identify factors driving customer sentiment.
  • Producer performance management – gain insight into each producer’s productivity, hit rate, profitability, commission, etc.
  • Prospect predictive modeling – enhance marketing effectiveness by analyzing past performance and predicting customer behavior.
  • Lead / Opportunity management – enable end-to-end capabilities: prospect creation, lead conversion, needs assessment, opportunity creation, and conversion to customer.
  • Carrier and producer collaboration platform – enable stakeholders to work together.
  • Customer analysis – model most profitable prospect segments and perform segmentation based on a range of parameters.
  • Mobility advantage – enable mobile devices policy, commission status updates, alerts, and messages.

Driving value for customers, insurers, and producers

Better value and superior experience Increased revenue by enabling top producers Increased commissions and better engagement
  • Easy access to information
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities
  • Tailored solutions for unique problems
  • Identify and better support top producers
  • Increase the producers’ wallet share and revenue productivity
  • Targeted marketing spend
  • Build producer and client loyalty
  • Insights to help deal with closures
  • Streamlined business with carriers
  • Availability of consistent client data

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