Intense competition. Sluggish economy. Changing customer needs. Today's insurance market is riddled with a slew of challenges that your company must overcome. Your producers – exclusive or independent agents/financial advisors – are valuable partners in this effort, given their role in the field of understanding customer needs and competitive offerings.

Over time, you have built systems to support producers through the sales process. However, these are difficult to use, fail to integrate information for decision-making, and are mostly available only in offices. As a result, you have poor visibility into your sales pipeline, and hear about an opportunity only when the policy application comes in.

Provide better insights and engagement to help producers sell more


Infosys Producer Enablement solutions framework

Our solution empowers producers to generate sales and meet customer requirements, thus satisfying both parties. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, our solution enables insurers to:

  • Generate accurate and consistent customer information and messaging
  • Leverage the strong social, mobile, and analytical capabilities of the CRM platform
  • Manage stakeholder relationships in an integrated manner, ensuring transparency and operational ease

Challenges & Solutions

Predictive Modeling
Enhance prospecting by analyzing past performance and predicting customer behavior. Model most profitable prospect segments and perform segmentation based on a range of parameters.

Mobile Solutions
Deliver on-field capabilities to your producers with our mobile solutions for accessing vital decision-making information and initiating application processing tasks

Customized Offerings
We help you build parameter-based customer segmentation techniques to design tailor-made offerings, having a strong resonance index for your customers