Traditionally, new business processing has been largely inefficient and highly paper-oriented, involving a long wait time for underwriting policies. As a result, the cost per application is high, customer service-levels are often compromised, and sales teams get frustrated.

In general, underwriters are less productive and fail to generate additional business. To create increased new business capacity, you need to innovate in terms of agile and automated underwriting processes.

Agile underwriting for increased business capacity


New Business Excellence offerings from Infosys

With focus on four key components – workflow automation, electronic content management, system integration, and information channel management – our New Business Excellence offering helps you innovate around processes automation.

Challenges & Solutions

Underwriting Workbench
It includes advanced data mining and analytical capabilities that help ensure easy access to vital risk assessment information and aid informed decision-making.

Low-Touch Processing
Our solution automates routine manual tasks of the new business process, resulting in reduced processing cost and improved Turn-around-time(TAT)

Efficient Process Management
Reduce process cycle time through our comprehensive solution comprising of workflow engine, electronic content management and integration adapters