#DigitalInsurer2.0: New wave of digital, analytics, and automation


The insurance industry is getting increasingly competitive and organizations are working hard to ensure their business continuity and growth. In addition, the frequent launch of start-ups using innovative technology creates disruptive growth and increases the challenge for insurance organizations.

In this video, Abdul Razack, Senior Vice President, Global Head, Platforms, Infosys and Kamesh Rajaram, Senior Director, Insurance (Europe), Infosys, explore the many benefits of being a #DigitalInsurer2.0 and explain how technology can offer a differentiated advantage for growth.

Today, digital enables insurance organizations to engage with potential customers in a more informal space, which is personal and an excellent opportunity for brand building and loyalty as well.

Analytics enables insurance organizations to mine the extensive data accumulated and locate customer insights, new business opportunities, and revenue streams.

Automation on the other hand is a strategic business imperative enabling insurance organizations to offer cost efficient and faster delivery and service, in a near-frictionless experience.