Infosys Oracle Life Sciences Innovation Center

Infosys launched the ‘Infosys Oracle Life Sciences Innovation Center’ in collaboration with Oracle at the Oracle OpenWorld 2014 in San Francisco. Infosys in partnership with Oracle has built frameworks, accelerators and tools in the R&D, Safety and Regulatory space that weave into the Oracle’s product stack. This helps provide customers end-end view of their business processes.

In this video, Steve Rosenberg, SVP and GM of Oracle Health Sciences talks about the experience working with Infosys and the value of Infosys Oracle Innovation Center that will bring to the customers. In the coming years, the Infosys Oracle Innovation Center will adopt all the Oracle products that are organically built showcasing the value of flexible cloud computing, the clinical development platform and genomics.

In this video, Gregory Jones, Chief Technology Officer of Oracle Health Sciences, talks about taking the Infosys value added services further and adding it to the Oracle clinical and R&D product stack. The Infosys Oracle Innovation Center provides an environment to the companies to get an accelerated value to look at Infosys options around Oracle’s core product offerings.