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Logistics Linux Process Migration Solution

A majority of Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) are constrained by legacy systems. Such enterprises are challenged by issues of flexibility, scalability and interoperability.

Process limitations and mounting costs are driving LSPs to migrate their infrastructure and mission-critical applications to a Linux environment.

While Linux accounts for substantial savings in software licensing and hardware expenses, the process of migrating operating platforms and legacy systems to Linux involves operational risks that can affect operations and customer service delivery.

Infosys’ Linux Migration Solution (LiMS)

LiMS is an end-to-end solution that covers all aspects of capacity planning, effort estimation, migration to the target Linux environment, system testing, production and system administration of the new environment.

The Infosys LiMS provides a framework of scripts and tools that ensure enhanced efficiencies and productivity. The scripts identify possible porting issues and the tools generate part of the migration code.

The solution de-risks migration from legacy systems to the Linux platform by facilitating systematic transition. The key phases of the migration are:

  • Non-application, less critical server migration (file servers, print servers, mail servers, intranet Web servers, firewall servers, DNS server, etc.)
  • Application server platform and application migration of non-critical applications
  • Application server platform and application migration of critical business applications
  • Database server migration to Linux OS ensuring standardization of databases
  • Database server migration to Linux OS, along with migration to an open-source database like MySQL
  • Expanding and scaling the new Linux-based infrastructure to a grid computing environment, thereby utilizing IT infrastructure to its fullest
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