Navigate your Next in Manufacturing

Your manufacturing enterprise needs to navigate shifts in business and technology to grow market share as well as revenue – digital transformation of operations, demand for ‘connected’ products and personalized experiences, decision support tools for the workforce, and technology-led innovation.

The Infosys Manufacturing practice offers digital solutions to address business imperatives for sustainable growth. Our ‘smart’ manufacturing systems reduce time-to-market and rationalize costs, while ensuring compliance with standards and regulations for product safety and data privacy. Significantly, our omni-channel marketing solutions help B2B and B2C manufacturers sense and respond to customer requirements.

We leverage Infosys Nia, our Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered automation platform, to create digital factories of the future. Our platform improves visibility within and beyond the enterprise. In addition, it provides business intelligence to improve operations – from product design and defect management to asset maintenance and energy efficiency.

The Infosys ‘agile digital at scale’ program enables manufacturers to capitalize on advanced technologies, including machine learning, embedded Internet of Things, virtual reality, cognitive automation, and blockchain. It creates an ecosystem to boost innovation and monetize real-time data.

Our knowledge management tools distill people, process and enterprise expertise to transform the workforce. We organize knowledge transfer workshops and orientation programs that augment the skills of your employees and accelerate adoption of digital technology.