Infosys helped bp Develop an Intelligent Cloud Solution to Tap into the Value of Unstructured Data

This case study was authored by Gaurav Verma, Research Manager, IDC Energy Insights

bp Plc is a multinational, vertically integrated British O&G company that employs around 70,000 people globally. They recently embarked on a subsurface knowledge mining project with the intent of capitalizing on the wealth of subsurface data accumulated over the years to boost the operational efficiency of its upstream business.

In most organizations, over 80% of time is spent on data discovery, preparation and protection, while only 20% is spent on actual analytics and gaining insights.

A vast amount of structured and unstructured data is created daily in the E&P business. While all oil companies have developed processes and systems to manage the structured portion of this data, unstructured data is more difficult to handle and often remains scattered across multiple locations — in employees' personal computers, emails, or as hard copies. And bp wanted to tap into this vast amount of valuable and reusable information.

This report highlights the pressing business needs that triggered this initiative, the business value provided by the project, and bp's ambition to take this knowledge mining initiative to the next level in the future.

From Kick-Off to a Working Prototype in Six Months

Cross-functional collaboration and the inclusive work environment facilitated by bp enabled the solution team to work in an agile fashion and rapidly develop a prototype. This was achieved by a team of bp explorers, information managers, along with Infosys cloud architects, who modelled a truly scalable and intelligent cloud solution.

The knowledge mining tool developed by bp's information management team brought a paradigm shift in the way the company's employees access business-critical information, multiplying productivity and decision-making quality. With all subsurface business information only a few clicks away within a single cloud library, users can finally spend more time analysing data than looking for it.

Key Takeaways

  • bp decided to maximize value by consolidating dispersed data, eliminating duplication and extracting hidden information from historical data.
  • Infosys – one of bp’s existing technology partners – designed an AI-based knowledge mining solution using Azure-based Cognitive services to store documents, enrich them with domain entities and enable users to get access to all data irrespective of location.
  • These new capabilities enhanced bp employees’ productivity and improved decision making. Its business leaders can quickly access exactly what they are looking for and make better decisions faster.

Data is only as valuable as the insights they deliver. The AI-based solution developed and deployed in bp will help boost productivity and enable smarter decisions by granting leaders access to insights.

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