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Blockchain the Disruptive Force of the 21st Century

The oil and gas industry is a global and complex sector, governed by diverse regulations. This implies that simplification and improvements to paperwork and processes is a business imperative for global product movement.


Infosys positioned in the Winner's Circle – of HfS Research's 2017 Energy Operations Blueprint

Infosys has been positioned in the “As-a-Service Winner’s Circle in HfS Research’s 2017 Energy Operations Blueprint Report. Infosys has been rated excellent at innovation and execution among 13 energy operations service providers that were evaluated based on multiple parameters. including domain expertise, investments and partnerships.


From production tracking to real time drilling optimization, do more with AI

The oil and gas, energy, and utilities sector is proving to be one of the most innovative in its use of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and advanced analytics. From our exclusive report, find out the innovative ways in which the oil and gas, energy, and utilities industry is preparing to use AI.


ARC Advisory Acknowledges Need of Strong Technology Partners like Infosys for Digital Oilfields to Fully Leverage Power of IIoT

A recent blog post, authored by Tim Shea, ARC Advisory Group, a leading technology research and advisory firm, referred Infosys as a strong...


Infosys acquires Noah Consulting

Noah Consulting helps upstream oil and gas companies plan, architect, and deploy information solutions to unlock the value of assets. Noah Consulting provides...


Big Data analytics: Predicts trends and asset behavior

Big Data has become a critical element in solving key business problems for utility companies. There is a huge chunk of data generated, especially...


Big Data improves oil and gas flow

It can be quite a formidable task to collect, classify, and analyze voluminous data in diverse formats and derive useful information for decision-making. Big data solution enables various segments- from geologists to engineers...

Published with the permission of Oil and Gas Technology


Data Management: Key to excellence

With the advent of new emerging technologies, the oil and gas sector, though complex, is undergoing transformation. However, to maximize value from these advanced technologies, standardization of data is...

Published with the permission of Offshore World


Bristow and Infosys: Driving digital transformation

In this video, executives from Bristow talk about their company’s legacy system, challenges they faced and the need for digital transformation. They also speak about how Infosys has enabled Bristow to develop an effective strategy and implement solutions that have added value to the company.


How imperative is pipeline integrity management?

Oil and gas companies must have a robust pipeline integrity management system to deal with challenges related to managing huge pipeline network, aging infrastructure, and timely maintenance.

Published with the permission of Pipeline & Gas Journal


Infosys transforms FTS International with Smart Oilfield Services solution for SAP ERP

FTS International (FTSI) is the largest private well completion company in North America, and has a joint venture in China with the Sinopec Group. Infosys recently partnered with the company and implemented its Smart Oilfield Services solution for SAP ERP, allowing the company to achieve a significant milestone in its strategic business transformation.


Infosys IP delivers comprehensive pipeline integrity management

Infosys has a patented method for evaluating structural, operational and commercial risks to ensure the integrity of oil and gas pipelines.


Leveraging predictive analytics in oil drilling

Big data and predictive analytics can help oil and gas companies improve drilling effectiveness, increase oil production, and also ensure effective maintenance of tools.

Published with the permission of Oil & Gas Monitor


Infosys to provide IT services to BP

New five-year strategic supplier agreement builds on decade-long partnership.


Upstream data granularity and its impact on business value

Upstream data is critical for oil and gas companies to analyze and unlock business value. They need to tap this data in the most granular form and feed it into enterprise applications at the earliest to obtain the highest business value.

Published with the permission of Digital Energy Journal


SCADA system implementation for an oilfield service provider

Infosys develops, tests, and configures a SCADA application to enable close monitoring, control, analysis, and maintenance.


One-click access to E&P project data

Oil and gas companies face challenges in sharing engineering data among global stakeholders during the execution of exploration and production (E&P) projects. We propose ...

2009 Gulf Publishing Company. Reprinted with the permission of World Oil


Service-oriented architecture simplifies data source integration

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables end-to-end automation of the refinery scheduling process and builds a business-wide services repository. It also facilitates collaboration with supply chain partners and reduces time to market. An Infosys expert organizes the scheduling ...

Published with the permission of Hydrocarbon Processing, Gulf Publishing Company. Originally appeared in the October 2009 issue


Automated scheduling for predictable petroleum supply

Petroleum refineries can ensure continuous supply of feedstock and minimize the cost of inventory with scheduling applications.

Published with the permission of Oil & Gas Financial Journal

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