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Infosys Leader in IDC MarketScape for Oil & Gas Professional Services

Infosys has grown from strength in IT outsourcing and systems integration services for oil and gas companies over the past decade. With the acquisition of Noah Consulting in the information management consulting space as well as its investments in the artificial intelligence (AI) space (the recently announced knowledge-based artificial intelligence platform, Infosys Mana (now part of Infosys Nia)), the company has significantly moved up the value chain in the oil and gas IT consulting space. Infosys is positioned as a Leader in this IDC MarketScape for oil and gas professional services.

A few highlights from the report:

  • IDC Energy Insights believes that the Infosys acquisition of Noah Consulting will help further strengthen Infosys' domain and consulting experience. Infosys and Noah have started working synergistically across multiple oil and gas clients and have launched innovative solutions in the market. Infosys and Noah appear to be leveraging skills and knowledge from each other to optimize service requirements.
  • Infosys has invested in multiple Centers of Excellence in E&P, pipeline management, refining and marketing, energy trading and risk management, geographic information systems, hydrocarbon accounting, and alternative energy to drive superior business performance. Infosys' commitment to oil and gas is shown through continued participation in the data standards group Energistics, PPDM, Pipeline Open Data Standards (PODS), and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).
  • Infosys recently announced Infosys Mana (now part of Infosys Nia), which IDC Energy Insights believes is a good strategic move in the right direction for bringing automation and innovation together on a platform for change.

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