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Infosys positioned in the Winner's Circle – of HfS Research's 2017 Energy Operations Blueprint

Infosys has been positioned in the "As-a-Service Winner's Circle in HfS Research’s 2017 Energy Operations Blueprint Report. Infosys has been rated excellent at innovation and execution among 13 energy operations service providers that were evaluated based on multiple parameters. including domain expertise, investments and partnerships.

In this Blueprint Report, HfS has evaluated vendors for their capabilities in BPO, IT services and engineering services across the energy value chain areas of upstream, midstream, and downstream, and horizontal offerings like BPO and engineering and ITO services Being an “As-a-Service Winner” Infosys has been commended for a strong oil and gas practice with continued investments in capabilities, partnerships, and innovation to support clients’ business transformation with platform technology, automation, and analytics.

Derk Erbé, Research Vice-President, Supply chain, Procurement and Energy for HfS Research quotes, "Infosys is one of the few providers that ‘stayed the course’ during the downturn in oil and gas, with continued investment in the energy practice and significant progress in the transformation to As-a-Service models, lowering clients' Capex investment with multiple As-a-Service offerings. The introduction of Design Thinking combined with the acquisition of Noah Consulting brings value to clients and added to Infosys’ consulting-led approach - allowing it to be a transformational partner in the oil and gas industry."

The key strengths HfS Research highlighted for Infosys in the report included:

Client focus
The HfS report highlights Infosys’ focus in winning new deals in a difficult market by providing end to end services across the energy value stream. “Infosys wins include end-to-end IT As-a-Service in the midmarket, IT-OT integration managed services, industrial and enterprise network services to run connected field operations, automation, data management engagements, data and analytics application managed services, and BPO services."

Domain expertise
The report states, "Infosys is one of the few service providers that continued to invest in the oil and gas practice during the downturn in the market. Clients and partners recognize the resolve and value. Infosys is set up to be a winner in energy operations as the market turns to technology, automation and As a Service solutions for growth."

"Infosys has strong partnerships with major technology vendors, oil- and gas-specific vendors, and startups. Partners appreciate the strategic approach, innovation mindset, and deep industry and technology expertise Infosys brings to the partnership."

Noah Consulting integration
The acquisition of Noah Consulting in 2015 is widely seen as a tremendous move and source of differentiation for Infosys in oil and gas. The integration of Noah capabilities with the Infosys oil and gas capabilities is bringing significant value to clients. Noah opens new doors for Infosys and strengthens its consulting-led delivery culture and domain expertise in critical oil and gas areas such as advanced analytics, data, and information management.

Infosys positioned in the Winner's Circle – of HfS Research's 2017 Energy Operations Blueprint

Click here to download the HfS Research Energy Operations Blueprint Report.

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