Case Study

Wealth Managers Premium Content Solutions

The client
The client is one of the world’s most reputed publishers of financial information with a tradition of pioneering content monetization through highly differentiated products and services.

Business scenario
The client was facing saturation in content monetization through print and online channels and this model was not in line with the growth aspirations of the business. Wealth managers needed content that directly related to their portfolio of investments and was relevant to specific customer interests. They needed a product that would allow them to personalize communication to increase client loyalty and grow the assets portfolio that was critical to their success.

Infosys solution
Infosys designed and developed an online product that delivered configurable and personalized premium content through a set of Web services and a Web portal.

Infosys conceptualized the solution to be delivered in two phases to suitably target appropriate segments of the client’s customers based on expected revenue potential. Infosys leveraged its vast repository of tools, reusable components, and frameworks to deliver the solution ahead of schedule. This phased rollout approach enabled faster time to market and shortened the investment recovery cycle for the client.

Phase I
This phase involved developing flexible industry-standard Web services, which helped large financial firms leverage value-added services within their enterprise-wide client service applications.

Web service components were seamlessly integrated into the wealth manager’s operating environment such as CRM applications and portfolio management systems. This would enable wealth managers to develop profiles of individual clients and return personalized information for each client. This information can help wealth managers build loyalty through discussions around the client’s interest areas, further leading to investment decisions on behalf of the client.

Phase II
The second phase of the solution was to provide a feature-rich content website leveraging the unique Web services solution. This was conceptualized to enable access to the product even when the wealth managers were outside the confines of their operating environment.

The website provides unique features like the client match rollover, customized alerts, advanced search, and briefcase. The solution is designed to be extensible to a multitude of delivery channels.

  • Enhanced content usage: The solution enabled better content monetization and ease of content consumption
  • Faster time to market: The phased approach enabled faster deployment and ROI
  • Scalability: The solution was architected and designed to cater to the rapid growth in customer base
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