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Key Challenges

The company needed to strengthen the online publishing channel to facilitate content monetization. Wealth managers required easy access to customized content based on the investment portfolios of customers.

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Personalized premium content

Infosys designed a robust web portal that delivered personalized premium content to wealth managers. We adopted a two-phased implementation approach based on customer revenue to accelerate the investment recovery cycle. Our repository of reusable components and frameworks helped launch the online product ahead of schedule.

In the first phase, we developed flexible web services to help large financial firms access content via client service applications. Our web service components conformed to industry standards, which facilitated seamless integration with CRM applications and portfolio management systems. Ready access to comprehensive data enabled wealth managers to personalize information, develop investment profiles of clients and make informed investment decisions.

In the second phase, rich features were incorporated into the website to enhance content delivery. The web services solution was extended to help wealth managers access content irrespective of the operating environment.

The new website offers advanced features such as client match rollover, customized alerts and intuitive search. The Infosys solution includes flexible components to deliver content through multiple channels.

The scalable solution architecture supports rapid growth. Significantly, easy access to content boosts content consumption as well as monetization.