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Lifetouch and Infosys: A ten-year partnership that is getting stronger

Lifetouch is a company specializing in school and studio photography all over USA and Canada. In this video, the company’s Vice President of Information Systems, Jay Drayton, talks about the company’s ten-year partnership with Infosys that he says “has grown organically over time.” He starts by describing a recent project in which Infosys helped to optimize through an application that schedules appointments and which resulted in lowering effort and costs, while improving service levels.

He talks about how Infosys took complete ownership of the project, from initial design to deployment. “The biggest benefit we had coming out of making Infosys our partner is the continuity across all groups,” he says. Jay further credits Infosys for the perfect understanding of business architecture and operations and also underlines the fact that Infosys truly understands what Lifetouch is doing from a business and operations perspective.