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Success Stories

Retail store by day, fulfilment center by night

When one of America’s largest retailers embarked on a project to renew its online shopping experience, its primary focus was to facilitate faster delivery of goods. Over time, the retail giant achieved just that through a new...


Aimia and Infosys: Providing personalized offers using data and analytics

30 million active customers — that's loyalty at scale. Moreover, can such loyalty emanate from impersonal customer service? Aimia knows it can't! And with Infosys by their side, they are making remarkable...


Omni Channel Commerce Best Stories

Discover how we are helping firms reach their customer whenever, wherever they are, providing end customers a seamless experience across channels.


Infosys Mainframe Modernization Solution helps Retail firms address their changing business needs

Infosys mainframe modernization solution helps enterprises get more value from their mainframes immediately. It helps optimize and reduce costs, open them up for new...


Powering the world of Retail & CPG enterprises with Digital Technologies and Experiences

We work with digital-savvy, omni-channel retail customers to address the challenges of a hyper-connected world. Some of the key areas we focus on...


Rethinking Retail

Infosys commissioned independent technology market research specialist Vanson Bourne to undertake the research upon which this report is based. Two sets of interviews were conducted in December 2013, the first consisted of 1000 interviews with US consumers and...


Infosys helps pharma retailer reduce loses

The client, a US based pharmaceutical retailer, operates more than 5,000 stores globally. With the new loss prevention solution, the client can now benefit from improved operational efficiency and visibility thereby reducing its losses.


ShoppingTrip360 Caselets

Across the globe, the Infosys ShoppingTrip360 is being implemented by retailers and consumer goods brands to derive exceptional insights by measuring shopper and merchandizing activities. The retail store represents a huge opportunity for ...


IT process standardization for a European retailer

A European retailer wanted to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of applications, standardize IT processes, and ensure its projects were delivered within the budget. Infosys charted an improvement road map and defined the required ...


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