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P&G and Infosys Co-Innovation Management Training Program

Client Exchange Program with P&G

Procter & Gamble (P&G) has partnered with Infosys to bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and a global supply chain for its trainees.

The unique client exchange program offers P&G trainees firsthand experience of the work methodology and offshore partner management at Infosys. It also enables Infosys managers to understand P&G's processes and requirements, and co-create solutions.

In a video, senior managers from Infosys and P&G trainees discuss the 10-week co-innovation program.


Ashish Inchekar, Principal, Retail, CPG and Logistics practice, Infosys
"The objective of this program is to collaborate with our strategic partner, P&G. We thought it would be a great idea to give the P&G team a firsthand experience of the Infosys Global Delivery Model, the processes, and life on campus. On the other hand, Infosys would get a fresh perspective on how we work and how we can improve."

P&G augmented its management training program with a 10-week stay on the Infosys campus. P&G managers were like the Infosys team members on P&G programs.

Ashlei Miller, P&G
"P&G and Infosys rely on each other. We are strategic partners and so we really want to make sure that we were communicating our needs and our values to each other, and that we make sure that we know how to work with each other in our processes. So, in the long run P&G will work better with Infosys, Infosys will work better with P&G, and we will have higher quality of work, and in the projects that we have won, we can work a lot more successfully."

Aaron Chapman, P&G
"While here in Infosys, I have been working to improve the way P&G and Infosys manage the requirements for projects. I develop process improvements and am currently working to drive their adoption within both P&G and Infosys. The end result would be better projects with better business requirements, and also we can satisfy our customers."

"The P&G managers got to learn a great deal about how Infoscions work and how their work days evolve. It gave them a clear understanding and insight on how Infosys works and what P&G expects from its partners."

Matt Wehner, P&G
"I definitely experienced the challenges of working for a client that is on the other side of the world. I have got a better appreciation for scheduling across time zones and have also realized that it is important to connect at least once – face-to-face or over video – to be able to put a face to the name you are talking with on the phone every day."

Aaron Chapman, P&G
"I have learned that Infosys works tirelessly to deliver everything that they have committed. They work to do this with quality and to do it right the first time."

Matt Wehner, P&G
"Infosys has a strong passion for quality, attention to detail, and very good systematic controls. There is a strong sense of personal ownership by every member of the team for what they are responsible for on the project."

"P&G management trainees also got to experience Indian culture, food and heritage. Most importantly, they learnt firsthand how retailing is emerging in a developing market like India."

Learning and recommendations


  • "I have come away with a much deeper understanding of what is working, and also what we need to work on at P&G in our relationships with our strategic partners."
  • "My main observation is that we all need to be clear and drive clearly as far as setting expectations at the very beginning."


  • "We need to have very good collaboration and communication between the vendor and the customer. The best way to do that is to have 360-degree feedback. We are looking forward to collaborative innovation, and understanding the business of P&G and trying to help them in innovating the best quality products and the software solutions."
  • "These kinds of awards and programs really motivate our employees to go the extra mile."
  • "The observations and recommendations made by the P&G team have been spot-on and they will be of immense value for Infosys to execute even better. A program like InStep helps strengthen relationships, enhance mutual respect, and discover newer ways to collaborate."
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