What a retail CIO needs to know about security

At no point in the last several decades has a company's chief information officer (CIO) been more important to the organization. That's because if CIOs can effectively manage their customers’ privacy, they'll be able to enhance loyalty, and drive sales, and improve stock price in the midst of any challenging new environment.

A proactive, savvy CIO can put his company's safeguards on the front page as well. No CIO should operate under the assumption that their organization will never be hacked. The recent hacking of millions of credit cards and other confidential customer information at major retail chains has turned the spotlight on information security.

So, what are CIOs to do in this challenging new atmosphere?


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Adhikesaven Sivathanupillai

Adhikesaven Sivathanupillai, Senior manager, client services, Retail, CPG & Logistics, Infosys