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The Grid is only as Smart as its Distribution

Utilities can maximize benefits from Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) through smart distribution operations. A smart distribution grid facilitates bill transparency and customer participation. It enables two-way communication between subsystems such as distribution lines and feeder switches. In addition, a smart distribution grid provides the framework for self-healing grids by identifying faults and using intelligence to restore service.

In an article published by EnergyPulse, Infosys' expert advises utilities to transcend AMI and focus on automating distribution to realize benefits:
  • Distribution Energy Resource (DER) integration: Reduces dependence on transmission grids and captive power plants to meet local demand.
  • AMI: Prevents meter tampering and detects outages, resulting in cost savings and increased revenues.
  • Distribution reliability: Results in improved power quality, energy conservation, and near real-time bills enabled by AMI.

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Published with the permission of EnergyPulse


Devendra Vishwakarma, Lead Consultant, Infosys LimitedDevendra Vishwakarma, Lead Consultant, Infosys Limited

Devendra has more than 10 years of experience in project engineering and product development in transmission and distribution automation. He is a member of IEEE and IEEE PES Society and participates in workgroups of the IEEE P2030 Standards Committee. He can be reached at


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