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Engage customers for a smart grid transformation

Utilities can enhance the customer experience for a successful smart metering rollout by adopting customer-centric processes across multiple channels. Companies must use contact centers to create awareness about the long-term benefits of smart devices.

In an article published in EnergyPulse, our expert discusses how smart meters affect contact center procedures. She analyzes the impact of smart metering on average handling time (AHT), call volume, utility cost, and customer satisfaction. Our expert believes that utilities can realize the benefits of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) programs and offer a superior customer experience through multiple channels, including:

  • Web: Portal, email and chat services enabled by the Internet provide a cost-effective, self-service option for customers.
  • Interactive voice response (IVR): The IVR channel can identify customers, accept orders, educate consumers, and automate outage notifications.
  • Mobile devices and short message service (SMS): A majority of the Web services can also be delivered over mobile devices.
  • Retail stores / kiosks: Kiosks at shopping centers can collect payments and spread awareness about new options.

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Kasturika Supkar, Principal Consultant–Energy, Utilities and Services practice, Infosys Kasturika Supkar, Principal Consultant–Energy, Utilities and Services practice, Infosys

Kasturika has more than 12 years of experience in utilities. She has led design, development and implementation projects at leading utilities. Currently, Kasturika leads Infosys Customer Service practice, providing consulting services and innovative solutions in customer service. She can be reached at

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