Case studies

Shared Services Offerings & Solutions

The client

The client is one of the major electrical utility companies in the US. Its functions include distribution and supply of electricity to a wide range of customers including small domestic customers and medium/large commercial and industrial users. It also has generating capacity from interests in nuclear, hydroelectric and fossil-fueled power plants.

Business needs

The business needs resulted from the issues faced by the client's different shared service departments:

Finance department

  • Accounts Payables department within shared services was responsible for processing all invoices sent to the utility by its vendors. Various business units had no clarity or visibility into the status of invoices. An intranet based application, which could be implemented cheaply and quickly, was required to provide this visibility
  • Corporate Accounting and Reporting System (CARS) did AOR based reporting which was not compatible with the budgeting system of the individual Business Units (BUs)
  • Express need felt for the optimization of the financial data warehouse

Human resource department

  • Need felt for evaluation of the PeopleSoft system
  • The HR department needed 'Project Health Assessment' by an independent assessor for a CPUC project that was not doing well
  • Incompatibility of the present payroll system with some senate laws and problems in information exchange with external vendors
  • The HR department had also recognized re-engineering of the reporting applications in Peoplesoft, & Training and Recruitment automation as some of their other critical needs

Legal department

  • System driven improvements in Invoice, Matter and Vendor Management, E-Invoicing between law-firms & the utility and efficiency by process automation


  • A challenge faced in the execution of this project was in opening up Http port for offshore testing and the external vendor dependency

Our solution

The Infosys solution across different service lines was:


  • Development of an Intranet based application to search for and view details of invoices
  • Building a Corporate Asset Management System (CAMS) is the long term solution. The pilot is being done to build a bridge to convert the Business Unit's AORs in the format compatible with CARS. For the Pilot, Infosys involvement only during design, construction and implementation
  • Building a data mart for ECS. Infosys did the ETL process end-to-end

Human resource

  • Study, documentation and recommendations for the existing PeopleSoft system performed onsite health assessment of the project and recommended remedies to meet the mandated dates. This was achieved by reviewing the processes, the work products and interviewing people
  • Seamless integration of the payroll system with the applications built to comply with the senate laws.
  • To tightly couple the Senate rules with the existing bi-weekly payroll cycle so as to keep track of the benefits of all the employees in finance and other long term benefits domain
  • The periodic information flow to/from the third party vendor should pass through the payload cycle to cleanse the data in order to be acceptable by Peoplesoft
  • Package customization and deployment


  • Corporate LawPack (Hummingbird): Maintenance and Enhancements in the toolkit; CLPWEB: Accounts Payable module of Corporate LawPack moved to Web; Corporate LawPack Reports; Other reporting applications of the Law Department
  • Electronic Invoicing: DataCert; Invoicing from Law Firms to the utility to be done electronically using DataCert; Integration with Existing Corporate LawPack and CLPWEB


The benefits to the client were primarily in terms of increased efficiency and ease of maintenance by having:
  • Common mobile framework based on standard .net architecture
  • Common communication network for enterprise
  • Meeting the needs of all shared services' organizations
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