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Globaldata POV: RPA and the Utilities Sector: Value, Vendors and Services

All modern utilities have one thing in common: they have a large customer base which in turn means large number of transactions occurring every single day. Recent studies show that close to 4 billion customers were over billed in the last year. Utilities who switch their business process to enable RPA can see upto 60% reduction in these errors.


IDC Perspective: Welsh Water Partners with Infosys for its Digital Transformation

IDC highlights Welsh Water’s partnership with Infosys as a success story in laying out foundational elements in the utility’s journey of digital transformation. The IDC report, ‘Welsh Water Executing for its Digital Future,’ (DOC # EMEA41791917, DECEMBER 2017) discusses how the company overhauled its legacy IT systems and modernized its technology landscape to unlock innovation across several business areas.


Artificial intelligence is taking the electricity sector to a different paradigm

Kislay Rastogi, a lead consultant with Infosys, has outlayed the latest developments that artificial intelligence (AI) has made possible in electricity distribution.


From monitoring infrastructure to smart energy management, do more with AI

The utilities, oil and gas, and energy sector is proving to be one of the most innovative in its use of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), automation and advanced analytics. Nearly one in three companies in the industry has already deployed AI technologies.


Infosys positioned in the Winner's Circle by HfS Research Blueprint Report for Utility Operations - 2017

Infosys has been positioned in the Winner’s Circle in the HfS Research Blueprint Report for Utility Operations – 2017. The HfS Blueprint evaluated 14 global service providers of the utility industry.


Infosys positioned as a Major Player in IDC MarketScape on Service Providers for EMEA Utilities 2017

Infosys has been positioned as a Major Player in the IDC MarketScape: Service Providers for EMEA Utilities 2017 Vendor Assessment (doc #EMEA41387516, February 2017). The company has been recognized for its 'Renew and New' strategy of transforming core IT services and leveraging emerging technologies like AI and analytics for new products and services.


Digital and IoT technologies will accelerate the disintermediation of the energy value chain

According to Ashiss Dash – Vice President, Utilities & Resources Industry Head , Infosys, the digital revolution is disrupting the electric, gas, and water utilities. Every aspect of generation, transmission, and distribution / supply is being transformed by digital and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. It is a compelling proposition for customers who can better understand where power energy comes from, how it was generated, where it was generated, how it is consumed, when to anticipate disruptions, how to conserve it, and more. From the utility industry’s perspective, digital revolution can optimize user experience (UX), and offer bots and artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve customer issues before they become problems. He believes that the digital revolution will accelerate the disintermediation of the energy value chain, by bringing producers and consumers closer significantly.

Published with the permission from Utility Market Connections (UMC)


Watch Gaia Gallotti, Research Manager – IDC, talk about Infosys’ emergence as a major player in worldwide utilities customer operations space

Gaia Gallotti, Research Manager – IDC, talks about Infosys being recognized as a major player in worldwide utilities customer operations space.


IDC Energy Insights positions Infosys as a major player in IDC MarketScape for utilities customer operations

IDC has mentioned the following strengths in their report – "Infosys is a trusted transformation and outsourcing partner for utilities across North America, Europe (particularly the U.K.), and Asia / Pacific. The company has deep expertise in utilities and a full lineup of services for customer operations, including a suite of business services and platforms for social business, mobility, and analytics."


Gaining efficiencies in field services though workforce scheduling

Utilities today need a single enterprise-wide fieldwork solution that supports a mixture of field activities and ensures economy in allocation of task to crews, with optimal street-level routing. This article delves into real-time workforce scheduling and its benefits.

Published with the permission of Energy Central


Infosys – key considerations for implementing smart grids

The November 2013 edition of UtilityWeek features an Infosys perspective on key factors that are crucial to consider for smart grid implementation. The write-up provides a detailed description of the benefits that can be obtained from them.

Published with the permission of UtilityWeek


A Secure Information Grid for Smart Utilities

Infosys’ expert proposes a cryptographic solution based on asymmetric keys to secure customer data in a smart grid.

Published with permission of Energy Central


Integrate Data for Service Innovation

Pre-configured package solutions integrate meter-to-cash and customer service processes to address challenges in customer care and regulatory compliance.


Automate Distribution for Uninterrupted Supply of Gas

Proactive leak management helps gas utilities ensure uninterrupted supply and comply with regulation.

Published with permission of Pipeline & Gas Journal


Smart Grids Need Intelligent Distribution

Smart meters must be integrated with advanced distribution automation applications to implement the smart grid, according to Infosys’ expert.

Published with permission of EnergyPulse


Smarter Grids Save Power and the Environment

Utilities can improve operations and reduce their carbon footprint with robust systems for asset and data management.


Five utilities trends for 2013

From customer experience and smart meters to modernizing customer information systems, read about the trends that are keys to success in the new utilities business landscape.

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